Galaxy S 5 -- Meet The Next Big Thing

The reviews are in. Top to bottom, front to back, inside and out — the Galaxy S 5 is a hit. To learn more about all of the incredible features that make thi…
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15 Responses to Galaxy S 5 — Meet The Next Big Thing

  • Eng.Sayed Mohamed alzalzalah says:

    Dear +HTC +HTC UK i asked the Internet … please watch this video Very
    very Carefully.

    +Marques Brownlee +Armando Ferreira +All About Samsung +Samsung Mobile USA +Samsung
    Mobile +Sammy Hub +Samsung USA +SamMobile +Myriam Joire +Jerry Hildenbrand +Phil

  • WiN iOS says:

    Apple announced the iPhone 5s september 2013 Gold with fingerprint scanner
    6 months later Samsung has announced the Galaxy s5 Gold with fingerprint
    scanner the iPhone do have a heart-rate monitor check-out powerful apple tv
    ad the iPhone is faster than the Galaxy s5 the iPhone is far away from the

  • lolwut5552 says:

    That godzilla movie they were advertising has the line, “let them fight”,
    which is a metaphor for Apple and Samsung’s competition right now
    (commercially speaking).

  • jericho379 says:

    Haha fuckin apple fanboys. 

  • Lapu-Lapu Magellan says:

    Why you are always comparing Samsung Galaxy S5 to iPhone 5s? Its like you
    are trying to say that you feel inferior to Apple’s flagship phone. You can
    just share to us the new important features of the new flagship phone that
    the older Samsung Galaxy S series do not have or convince us why we should
    buy your flagship phone without comparing it to other rival phones (would
    it make our busy life easy? Is it more user friendly than to your previous
    phones? Is it more convenient to use? Is this phone compatible to different
    kind of people especially workers or professionals? And the likes. Direct
    and simple ad can convince many people. Honestly, this ad is exaggerating. 

  • ArthropodSpidey says:

    Excels at everything except design.

    Still is made of dollar store plastic and feels like a cheap toy.

  • zaher qubien says:

    samsung please stop bieng jealious from apple apple iphone have ios much
    better smoother os and you can’t bring costumers with these stupid ads

  • Arnold governor says:

    213 people have iphones

  • Things back to God says:

    Hello Is it true there is a problem in the camera galaxy S 5 ???

  • Rohail L says:

    i love how all the apple fanboys and htc and sony fanboys are losing their
    shit after seeing this commercial keep it up Samsung 

  • Nicolas Rathnau says:

    No lg g3 has got the bettest display

  • Miguel Perez says:

    Hey samsung when you are going to throw an update to the note 3 that has al
    the features that the s5 has this include s5 touchwiz and camera faster
    system plz do this !!! Respond to my comment plz!!! Thanks

  • XDKX101 says:

    I like how they dissed Apple right off the bat, hahahahah. Samsung
    definitely taking the right steps in marketing. 

  • Johnny Sins says:

    I have one and i can fap in the shower lol

  • iDan122i says:

    Someone watched Godzilla on their tiny S5? Sure I’ll buy it just for that


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