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13 Responses to iPad event confirmed, Google Nexus 4 future, Amazon+HTC phone & more – Pocketnow Daily

  • Dominic Lawrence Sygaco says:

    nexus 5 and kitkat 4.4 release date will be oct 28.

  • boricuastone says:

    Que nota

  • RustHickory2380 says:

    Smart watch

  • Fauzan Kazi says:

    I think it would be retina display ipad mini with a a6 prrocesser while
    ipad 5 would be a7 chip with finger print scanner

  • portjon97 says:

    Everything > Apple

  • Shane Balzer says:

    I hope that the iPad mini 2 gets a better screen AS well as the iPad 5, I
    mean seriously, that isn’t like Apple to give the cheaper and smaller thing
    something better that the more expensive and larger thing doesn’t have.
    Also, I really hope they BOTH come in GOLD because I would love to get it!
    And Touch ID would be amazing to have, and it would make the device look
    more like its iOS 7. Anyone agree?

  • iTechy12 says:

    I think apple release the iPad 5, iPad 5C instead of keeping the iPad 2,
    and iPad Mini 2.

  • Kaisei Tokita says:

    First to watch

  • Tanay Parikh says:

    Yes pls I want it

  • Huang Howard says:

    Nooooooooooooooo! Another fucking year?!

  • fidelr599 says:

    Would be nice if THE apps on Nokia or Windows relly work cause honestly i
    have a Samsung gs3 and 90% of the apps work and I also have an iPad 2 & 90%
    of the apps also work , & I have a friend that has a Nokia 925 & 60% of the
    apps said only for pc that’s very disappointing Windows and Nokia need to
    work and improve that other wise is trash…

  • Star Lord says:

    I call friday for the Nexus 5 event

  • Yannik Hofmann says:



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