This video shows you how to jailbreak the Huawei Ascend W1 with Windows Phone 8 or install Windows Phone 8.1 on it. Be sure to follow all the steps carefully…
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21 Responses to Jailbreak Windows Phone 8 or Install WP8.1 on Huawei Ascend W1

  • error0x34 says:

    Tutorial: Jailbreak Windows Phone 8 or Install Windows Phone 8.1 on the
    Huawei Ascend W1
    #Huawei #Ascend #WindowsPhone #Smartphone #Microsoft #Jailbreak #Tutorial
    #guide #WP81 #WindowsPhone81#WindowsPhoneBlue #HuaweiAscendW1 

  • Sono Ono says:

    Hi! I did this and everything worked fine (except for updating to 8.1 of
    coarse) Only problem is I can now only recieve 2G/edge internet. I dont
    like that. Do you happen to know anywhere I can find the stock
    H883G(tracfone) rom to flash it back? I can’t find it anywhere :

  • Jake Stevens says:

    I’ve got to the boot loader, but now I can’t flash the ROM and my phone
    isn’t coming up as UEFI on Device Manager?

  • Luis Felipe Falla says:

    I get “Image Download Fail. Cookie(if present) not received” while doing
    the step of minute 3:05… it is the one where you are supposed to download
    the content.

  • Abizar Shakir says:

    can u make a vedieo for jailbreak of nokia xl

  • Nikeehlai Darnowich says:

    Hey, great tutorial. I’m having some trouble with the Scan && Download
    though, everything has worked fine so far and it went up to about 80% and
    then it stopped and gave me an error, it was something like “Send to DUT
    fail”, and my phone instantly turned black. Any thoughts?

  • Elder Edson Paucar Rojas says:

    please I need help, It would be possible to make the same process in my
    samsung ativ s i8750?

  • David Lamadrid says:

    a utilizo win 8.1.. :)

  • Play in music says:

    hello, register a windows phone 8 SDK is required ?
    or we are not oblige ? sorry for my bad engish

  • Nikolay Take says:

    hi i can not update to 8.1 that do ??

  • Janith Malshan says:

    Let me know is this still working properly? Anyone got any defects while
    doing this? 

  • David Lamadrid says:

    please.. translate.. hola necesito tu ayuda.. todo va bien hasta el minuto
    4:40 ya que cuando doy click en scan & download.. no me aparece nada.. en
    que falle.. o que me falta hacer.. saludos..

  • Nedjmeddine LAIDI says:

    do the jailbreak unlock the phone? 

  • francisco lolo says:

    and after jailbreaking it I just run the prev. for developers app to get
    widows 8.1? or how is it? …….

  • Albert Jelica says:

    Tutorial: Jailbreak Windows Phone 8 or Install Windows Phone 8.1 on the
    Huawei Ascend W1
    #Huawei #Ascend #WindowsPhone #Smartphone #Microsoft #Jailbreak #Tutorial
    #guide #WP81 #WindowsPhone81#WindowsPhoneBlue #HuaweiAscendW1 

  • ray nav says:

    how do you do with the SD card? this phone “huawei w1” do not accept the SD
    card after install the preview 8.1, how do you do with this problem??

  • Yu Cheng says:

    Who on the earth buy Huawei phones??? SPY WARE BUILT IN!!

  • Gregory Loginow says:

    does this work with W1-U34?

  • Brian Rainier says:

    has anyone had issues getting 3g service on Strighttalk after installing
    the 8.1 rom

  • GweiTheLeafChild says:

    It’s not pronounced “Who-way”

  • francisco lolo says:

    it doesnt let me install the simpleio, what can I do? ):


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